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Open and Flexible

Helium 3 IT Solutions tries to be open and flexible in all of its dealings.

I believe that building a trusting relationship with a consultant requires openness and transparency on both sides. Our best interest is served through honesty and truth in all of our statements: about the company, our experience and the challenges you might be facing. 

To this end Helium 3 offers free and impartial advice to ensure that our company and my time will meet your needs. If we do not think our services will serve you well, we will let you know. If you become our client, we will provide whatever clear and informative reporting you request. If you do not think we have delivered the value we promised, we will negotiate a rate that better reflects the value you received. 

I believe in flexible arrangements. This means we do not have a one-size fits all hourly rate. We can negotiate services by hours worked, by deliverable, or even measures of value returned on investment. 

Information Technology projects do not necessarily need to be fraught with risk. Where we find risk, we should mitigate, control and share the risk where feasible. But risk should not paralyze us into inaction.

This combination of openness and flexibility serves us and our clients well.