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Intranet Applications

Helium 3 IT Solutions can help you establish a new intranet or enhance an existing intranet. 

Businesses use intranets for a wide variety of purposes to enable knowledge capture and sharing, collaboration, insight into key business processes, workplace automation and workflow. In a modern organisation an intranet provides an essential starting point for workers and is a cornerstone of the Enterprise 2.0.  

Ben Davies says:

"Intranets hold a particular attraction to me. When I first transitioned to an IT role on the Vale Inco Goro Project in 2002 I didn't know anything much about what an intranet was supposed to look like. 

"Over the next few years I had the pleasure of leading a team in transforming an out-of-the-box and generic ColdFusion intranet platform into the living, breathing heart of the project. We did amazing things in connecting people, applications and data. The requirements never abated, but neither did the innovation.

"I have worked for a number of clients since in mostly non-intranet related roles. It always strikes me how few organisations take advantage of their intranets to give their employees a voice, their work processes transparency, and their application data real value. 

"Your intranet can transform your business one application at at time. Are you making the most of your opportunity?"
Helium 3 IT Solutions can assist with:
  • Reporting
  • Dashboards and Alerts
  • Content Management
  • Systems Integration
  • Work Process Automation
  • Custom Development

Get more from your investment in information systems

Helium 3 IT Solutions can work with you to ensure you are getting the best value from your investment in business information systems by implementing reports and dashboards that span your information systems.

Share information across the organisation

Helium 3 can help you distribute your information across your organisation. By implementing intranets, information portals, online reporting, and information alerts, you can ensure your personnel have the information they need when they need it.

Integrate Systems, Automate Work Processes

Helium 3 can refit your work processes by automating mundane activities, improving audit trails and reducing the amount of manual data entry.

Collaborate and Capture Knowledge

Your corporate knowledge defines you and your organisation, and is a major source of competitive advantage. Helium 3 can help you capture and build the knowledge generated daily in your organisation.

Find out more

Helium 3 can work with many technologies used in enterprises including number database backends, J2EE and .NET, LDAP, Active Directory, Exchange and web services. For more information about how Helium 3 IT Solutions can help you, contact us,