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Software Development

Are you trying to run a software development project? Helium 3 can help ensure your success with modern methodologies and tools. 

No Picnic

Software development is no picnic. It can be rough. Successful management of a software development project requires a steady hand to control:
  • Requirements: You need to feel confident the software will deliver the value you intend it to, even as the business continues to change.
  • Schedule and Cost: You would like to have confidence in delivering by a particular date, but sometimes additional resources can add complexity and cost at minimal schedule improvement. 
  • Quality: So your product is delivered, but does it work? Will it remain an asset for the longterm, or be a write-off in a year's time?
  • Risk: If your funding disappears tomorrow, are you left with something usable? Have you reduced requirements and technical risk at every possible point along the project?
Need Support?

Helium 3 and Ben Davies has experience in running software development projects of small and medium sizes and can help put your project on a good footing, with best-practices from among:
  • Agile Development Methodologies: Deliver value routinely while minimizing requirements and technical risk. 
  • Opensource or proprietary tooling, including source control, testing, continuous build  and issue tracking systems
  • Supervision, reporting and problem resolution.
  • Solutions Architecture for the 100 foot view of how it all comes together. 
  • Concurrent support and business as usual coordination.
The reality is that classical project management skills are not as effective in Software Development endeavors. Reaching out to Helium 3 may be your most cost effective solution ensuring a successful project.