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On this page you will find company-related news and announcements. You can also find follow the company weblog Fuel For Fusion (feed) or my more technical weblog, Learning Technical Stuff (feed).

Announcing He3-AppEngine-Lib

posted 1 May 2010, 20:09 by Ben Davies

I recently built a simple Paging module for Google App Engine, and in the process I created a Google Code site named He3-AppEngine-Lib to host this and any other App Engine code I wish to share. All the code on the site is available under the Apache 2.0 licence. Feel free to take a look!

Vale, SAP and SQL

posted 29 Apr 2010, 05:21 by Ben Davies

I started a contract at Vale Australia two weeks ago. I am helping them out with their SAP implementation. I am a small cog in a huge machine on this one: In my role of SQL developer I am helping out with some of the transformations of their legacy data. 

This isn't the first time I have worked at Vale. 10 months ago I was working there on another (since transfigured) ERP project. In that case I was a slightly bigger cog in a much smaller machine.  

For now It is great to have this small technical role in a big project, and I especially enjoy the exposure to both SAP and Microsoft SQL Server 2008

My Time at Suncorp

posted 23 Apr 2010, 05:39 by Ben Davies   [ updated 23 Apr 2010, 05:54 ]

Mid-December 2009 to mid-march 2010 I was working at Suncorp, one of the second-tier banks in Australia. Suncorp was deploying PeopleSoft, and had a lot of downstream legacy ColdFusion applications that required remediation. Suncorp also took the opportunity to upgrade some of their ColdFusion servers to Adobe ColdFusion 9.

My role in all of this was small, but the ColdFusion developer role I played nonetheless gave me valuable experience in both working with Subversion SCM in a larger team environment and using agile development methodologies in the real world. Thanks Suncorp!

Looking Back at 2009

posted 3 Jan 2010, 02:50 by Ben Davies

I posted a retrospective blog entry on my company's blog at the turn of the new year. The post takes a quick look at what happened for myself and my company in 2009. 

Ben Davies at cf.objective(ANZ)

posted 29 Nov 2009, 21:00 by Ben Davies

Ben Davies, director and sole consultant for Helium 3 IT Solutions attended the first cf.objective (ANZ) conference, held in Melbourne Australia on November 12-13, 2009.  Cf.objective (ANZ) is an antipodean version of the cf.objective conference run yearly in the United States to cover enterprise and advanced ColdFusion topics. 

Ben enjoyed the coverage topics and the opportunity to meet some of the most knowledgeable and active members of the ColdFusion Community. Representative from Adobe were present and explained succinctly how ColdFusion was alive and well and how the latest release ColdFusion 9, provided even more advantages to developers and companies wishing to do more with less. 

Helium 3 now on Google Sites

posted 2 Aug 2009, 06:39 by Ben Davies

Helium 3 is happy to announce the transition from its previous static website to one powered by Google Sites. The goal of the transition is to enable more frequent updates and the easy inclusion of more dynamic information. We hope you enjoy the site.

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